When I last posted from my blog it was highlighting coverage from the Sedona International Film Festival. Kinda left you hanging didn’t I?? I left there and jumped onto a plane in order to take my wife on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera on board a Princess Cruise ship. I will share some more of those images and coverage upon my return.

Meanwhile here are a few images to help tell the story of a few ports we have already visited…

panorama of san diego california skyline

Here was the view off the rear of the ship as we left our first port of call San Diego, CA.
It was quite beautiful and the GX7 held up well in creating the panorama in camera.

cabo san lucas lovers beachCabo San Lucas, Mexico lovers beach view from the ship.

The Lumix GX7 is my camera of choice for travel as well as my everyday camera. My entire kit with camera and 4 lenses weighs just a bit more than my DSLR and a single lens making it an awesome choice for travel. The files hold up when I try to push them upon my return. Yahoo!!

More tomorrow…

Yours in Photography,       Bob