I took my Lumix GH4 out for a hike yesterday. I was accompanied by it’s friends the 7-14mm f4, it’s cousin 12-35 f2.8 and it’s big brother the 35-100mm f2.8. This combination of camera and lenses gives me the 35mm equivalent focal range of 14-to 200mm with fast glass. Add a spare battery, a five in one 20 inch Westcott reflector, some extension tubes and put it all in a small Tenba ‘Switch 10’ bag and I’m ready for almost anything I might come across photographically.

Oh, did I mention all of that gear weighs just a bit over six pounds? Throw in a MeFoto backpacker tripod and water for the hike and it’s still under ten pounds. TOTAL.

The Lumix Micro 4/3rds Mirrorless system rocks!

wildflowers in sedona

Happened upon this stand of delicate little lavender flowers.

flower image

Mounted the GH4 with 35-100mm on the tripod. Added a 10mm Vello extension tube and it looks like this in full sun.

wildflower photo

Open the 5 in 1 Westcott reflector, take off the cover and use the scrim between the sun and the flower and look at the change.

I think I’ll take the kit out for a hike again tomorrow.

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

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