In speaking I try to give people an idea of the kind of photography I do. I want to show them a lot of images but not have them become bored by the presentation… I personally hate long shows. Being the maker sometimes it is hard to decide whether it’s too long, too short, too quick etc. I’m looking for some feedback Thanks!

I used ProShow Web It was pretty quick to select the type of show style I wanted. Uploaded images. Uploaded music. (I have permission from Eric Miller of Eric Miller World Music to use his wonderful rhythms. If you want to learn how you can use Eric’s music get in touch with him direct or give ma call) I wasn’t happy with all the transitions in the show as built. Went in and tweaked the ones I didn’t like… Please ignore that I have the same photo in two times. I’ll fix that after I get more feedback from you.
Yours in Creative Photography, Bob