polo revisited

“Do you mind if I share an idea?” said my wife. “Oh, Oh.” thought I. This means she doesn’t like what I’m working on and wants to make a suggestion… I’m not always overly receptive. But, I know she often has great ideas.

You may remember a post I was so proud of a few days ago with my original idea of illustrating a polo player striking a ball.

I had been working on and image and got stuck in the proverbial rut. She being outside could see it and was willing to deal with my stupid ego to help get me out of a bad place.

So I replied, “OK what is it?” She tiptoed around a bit and shared, “You know if instead of the row of horses you should try just one alone and bigger.” I thought about it and agreed although I was still married to the original idea I had. Five minutes later, “Can I make one more suggestion…??” “Absolutely.” I replied. “You ought to take two riders fighting for the ball and make that the subject instead of just one horse.”

“OK” I replied. Then I perused the polo images and found this…

sarasota polo image lakewood, floridaOriginal capture of polo players chasing down the ball.

graphic art polo image Here is the resulting image after applying Holly’s input. (Ain’t she great??)

I’ll leave it for you to decide… Which image is more powerful? The one above? Or, the one I was stuck on before?? Another set of eyes can help point you in the right direction. I’m fond of saying some of my best ideas come from other people…. Which means you need to be willing to listen to critique and act on it to become a better image maker.

This image was captured with the Panasonic Lumix GH3 with the f4.0-5.6 100-300mm lens at 1/640th sec f5.6 ISO 200 at 300mm (600mm at 35mm equivalent)

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polo revisited — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Bob,
    Can’t believe the timing to see this! I was just there yesterday & was planning to do almost the same thing! Polo art has been on my list for a long time. Not sure I can create one as beautiful as yours. Very jealous though of your lens :)

    • Hey Joe Thanks for the kinds words… This one got much better with input from my wonderful wife. She’s the one who got me to add the second rider and have them going after a ball at the same time adds some serious dynamic tension to the image…

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