sandy miller & photo synthesis

One of the reasons I enjoy teaching and sharing so much is to see the results of others when trying the techniques.

Here is an article from the 3CT (Camera Club Council of Tennessee) It documents Sandy Miller’s use of Textures, Layers, blend Modes and Masks from a class I gave last month in Chattanooga.

sandy miller art photos

Art Market Street Bridge images ©Sandy Miller

Looks like Sandy has a great grasp of the concept and is sharing it well herself. All images including textures were photographed as part of our class project in about a half hour. Then we went to the classroom to put the images to work.

The class was hosted by the Photographic Society of Chattanooga with the very capable assistance of Bill Mueller and sponsored by the Lumix professional line of Panasonic Cameras.

Yours in Creative Photography,          Bob

PS – If you are looking for a speaker for your group let me know. Presentation Program descriptions here

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sandy miller & photo synthesis — 2 Comments

  1. Did tell you?
    1. I love everything Sandy does. :)
    2. I bought her a Lumix FZ1000 after the seminar. (Tell Panasonic you deserve to have your salary doubled!)

    By the way, the FZ1000 is quite a camera. One fan on the Internet credits it specifically as the camera that will spell the end of interchangeable lens cameras for all but the dedicated professionals.

  2. 1. Bill a true trooper in supporting your honey!
    2. (see number1) Appreciate the thought…

    You are right the FZ 1000 is a powerful camera.

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