“Hey! What does your bill say??!!  I’m not sure I read mine correctly…”

That was the cry when our checks were presented. Smiles passed from face to face around the table as each person read the message in the presentation folder…….

have a great nightHave a great night…

You could feel spirits lift as everyone tried to figure out what was going on. We had requested separate checks. So we each got one. Even the person who had taken the waiter aside and asked to pick up the tab had an extra smile on his face because of all the laughter washing around the table.

The smooth move by our waiter cost him only the time to jot the extra notes and pass out the fraudulent checks to the group.

Which begs this question… What small thing can you do that would delight your clients in a big way that would have them sharing YOUR story?? As evidenced by this savvy server you don’t have to give away the store to bring a smile to your customers.

Got some ideas to share?