infrared panorama photo

Infrared Photography Panorama Style “The sailing clouds went by, like ships upon the sea.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Clouds scudding across the azure skies. Words can take you to some beautiful places but as the Chinese say, a picture is … Continue reading

infrared photography on the creek

Infrared Photography on the Oak Creek My job is tough! Yesterday I took on the task of going hiking in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona to capture infrared photos. OK, maybe tough isn’t the correct word for this assignment. … Continue reading

infrared photos stud horse point page arizona

Stud Horse Point Infrared Photography – Page Arizona Infrared imaging can add interest to a scene that otherwise would be OK but rather mundane. I have a Lumix G6 that I had converted to IR by LifePixel. It’s great to … Continue reading

more infrared

As you can probably tell by my lack of posting the last few days it has been extremely busy in bob’s world. Had a full two day shoot for the Sky Ranch Lodge after their remodel. I’ll share some photos … Continue reading

people infrared photos part dos

The marriage theme continues from the Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration at Tlaquepaque in Sedona. (see part uno) This couple was having a blast dancing with Mexican musicians providing music. They stopped and graciously posed for people … Continue reading

people infrared photography

Obviously infrared imaging is not for people photography. Dead eyes. Super high contrast. Blown out highlights. Definitely not for people… Unless you are doing something artsy with the scene being most important and people are a relatively small element in … Continue reading

gila wilderness infrared photos

While on the mountain trip we rode off through the wilderness. Can you say “Curvy Roads!” boys and girls? Lots of winding roads through the area but it led to some beautiful places. I had the Lumix G6 that has … Continue reading

infrared photography part three

Live, learn and practice some more. This is the continuing story of learning to see and capture infrared images with my newly refurbished Lumix G6 camera from LifePixel where I added a straight IR filter to the camera… (see Part … Continue reading

infrared imaging part 2

OK. I went back to the same file I worked on yesterday and reprocessed using a couple different techniques. Here is the new version captured with the Lumix G6 and the 7-14mm f4 lens. Different processing led to a cleaner … Continue reading