I love textures!

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I use textures as elements in creating my photography based artwork. I started collecting textures long before I ever began using them. I would find the ‘found’ collection of elements like piles of leaves, nature grasses, peeling paint and the like and make a photo and save it to the pile. Now I have a rich stockpile of textures to choose from when creating using the process I call ‘Photo-Synthesis’.

While strolling on the beach on Anna Maria Island I happened across this sand formation. Photographed it many different times because even a small difference in the layering of the sand granules or the pattern made by the ridges can make a difference in how the texture will play with the layer below it when using Blend Modes in Photoshop.

sand texture photo

Fine sand patterns built by the sea…

fine sand with crab skeleton

While scouting and collecting the sand patterns I found this crab skeleton and there’s something about it…

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob