Since I moved to the micro 4/3rds format I’ve been looking high and low for the right bag for my gear and finally found it in the form of a Think Tank Photo Bag. The one I choose is called the Mirrorless Mover 20 and is pretty close to perfect for my needs. It has a strong build with solid material and stitching. I even like the handle on the top for when the bag is not attached to my belt.

So here’s my kit these days for most outings. Lumix GX7 camera with Lumix Vario lenses of 7-14mm f4.0, 12-35mm f2.8, 35-70mm f2.8 and either a 25mm f1.4 or 45mm macro. The camera goes on my shoulder and the three other lenses and assorted gear go into the Think Tank bag on my belt. (the bag comes with a shoulder strap too if you prefer) If I’m changing lenses a lot a nice feature is the magnetic closure on the flap. When you need to really secure everything it’s time to use the zipper to close the compartment.

The bag will hold three lenses, extra SD cards, spare battery, battery charger, card reader, small flashlight and a tripod. (“A tripod you say??” Yes I do. See the ‘splainin’ at the bottom of the post) The bag also comes with its own raincoat rolled up inside in case you get caught in inclement weather conditions.

Never have I traveled so light with this range of lenses. Gotta tell you I’m one happy camper!

think tank photo bag image This is my travel kit. All gear is on the camera or in the Think Tank Photo bag.

Note the little tripod. It may not look like much but this tripod has helped to hold the camera steady in cathedrals in Europe and the woods in America. You can set this on the floor. Hold it against a wall. Put it on a chair or table. Once you think about it a bit you see it’s a great way to get support for your camera when you are traveling and need to go light sans big tripod or mono-pod.