Tuesday Painterly Photo Art

Angela Blankenship – M.Photog., CPP

Angela came to my attention as a recommendation* from a past featured artist, Heather Michelle Chinn. When I went to look at Angela’s work on her website I was immediately taken with more the painting techniques. Entranced by the pure emotion, I saw coming through in her work got me to get in touch with an invite to the blog.

‘Words of Painterly Wisdom’

The only words of wisdom I have is LEARN, LEARN, LEARN. 

© Angela BlankenshipI love the movement and family connection portrayed in this portrait by © Angela Blankenship

Seek out someone, or couple people, whose work you appreciate and ask them to help you develop your own vision through the skills they have and can pass on to you. I spent time with some fabulous digital painters, Mona Sadler – Coastal Pet Portraits and Heather Chinn – Heather the Painter, who were gracious enough to help me begin and develop the skills needed to be able to create merited work. I had merited images at IPC within a year of learning to digitally paint. 

© Angela BlankenshipBefore/After ‘Such a Bright Child’ © Angela Blankenship

Nothing replaces one-on-one teaching. I also suggest bringing as many of your ideas and vision to the “teachers” so they can help YOU create YOUR OWN style and art pieces. Tear out images in magazines you love. Hang them on your wall and start to see the similarities in the work to which you are attracted. This can help you notice a style and assist the mentor to guide you in the skills needed.

© Angela BlankenshipHeirloom Petite Portrait Before/After ‘Dreamy’ © Angela Blankenship© Angela BlankenshipHeirloom Petite Portrait Before/After ‘Protected’ © Angela Blankenship

I always knew I wanted to create portraits that went beyond a straight photograph. I don’t think I’m fully at my potential, but am thoroughly enjoying the process of getting there, thanks to the help of some giving teachers.  I will be forever grateful to them. I remember I got teary-eyed with appreciation after my first lesson with Mona, who taught me basics to get started using Photoshop for digital painting.  Heather helped me bring my vision of hand-tinted and styled headshots to life which has brought me clients that I would not otherwise have had along with some excellent sales. These images are sold and marketed under the banner Heirloom Petite Portrait www.HeirloomPetitePortrait.com

© angela blankenshipWalk in the Woods © Angela Blankenship

Don’t be afraid to ask that special artist to help you develop your work. 

www.abphotography.info  Angela’s main website
www.HeirloomPetitePortrait.com  (my website for the Heirloom Petite Portraits)

Angela Blankenship


Energetic and driven are words that describe Angela. With five kids, 20 years as a full-time psychology professor, Certified Professional Photographer and a Master Photographer degree which was earned in four years, Angela is definitely focused. Angela owns AB Photography, a portrait studio established in 2008.  Currently located on the main street of quaint downtown Nashville, NC. She is dedicated to creating classic children’s portraiture.

Angela’s Mentor’s websites
www.heatherthepainter.com  Heather Chinn website
www.coastalpetportraits.com  Mona Sadler website

Yours in Creative Photography,      Bob

* Do you have a recommendation for an artist you believe would be appropriate for this Tuesday Feature? Let me know!