Tuesday Painterly Photo Art – Stephen Moody – M.Photog.

I met Stephen through the Arizona Professional Photographers Association. I was fascinated and intrigued by his abstract images I became exposed to during the annual imaging competition. I started seeing more of his painterly work through Instagram and Facebook and asked him if he would like to share here on Successful-Photographer.

Stephen Moody’s Fine Art Portraiture

Stephen Moody has been a professional photographer for 35 years. He has been fortunate to photograph projects for international commercial clients as well as portrait clients.

“I must say that the joy of seeing my work printed in Vogue Magazine was a rush, as well as seeing my art images of Coca-Cola products hanging the halls of Swire Coca-Cola Headquarters. It was a feather in my cap,” says Moody.  “But, seeing one of my fine art portraits hanging in a client’s home in the same room as their original Picasso is more than I ever imagined.”

arabian horse stephen moodyArabian Horse – © Stephen Moody

Arabian BeforeArabin Horse original capture – © Stephen Moody

Moody has been creating fine art portraits in one way or another since he started in business in the early 1980’s.  Using AGFA 1000 RSX transparency film Moody created Impressionistic artwork in the camera and then used a tri-color printing method to create even more pointillism.

Today, he has taken it to an entirely elevated level. Moody’s clients do not hang photography in their homes.  They have original art in their homes. Moody had to change his business model and develop his talents in the fine art of painting to create original artwork for his clients.

dog painting stephen moody“Biscotti” – © Stephen Moody

Biscotti Before“Biscotti” before – © Stephen Moody

“Art In Its Most Human Form”™  was Moody’s transformation from photographer into an artist. His first show in Scottsdale, Arizona sold three paintings for $15,000 on opening night. These mixed media paintings were his first images to use photography, dyes, and acrylic paint together on one canvas.

His process starts with a photo shoot. After selecting an image, he creates a stunning image in Adobe Photoshop. The image is then painted in Corel Painter. “I have two styles that I offer to the client; Impressionistic and Classical,” shares Moody. “The style is chosen based upon the décor in the room where the artwork will be displayed.”

Stephen says, “In Painter, I only use a clone brush to bring in the image. Once I have a basic visual to work from I use brushes with paint, color and texture to finish my piece. I prefer to use brushstrokes that enhance the artwork as opposed to having my art look photographic.”

Claude by stephen moody“Claude” – © Stephen Moody

claude before“Claude” before – wearing La Liberté Silk Tie & Scarf – designed by Stephen
from the artwork “Art In Its Most Human Form”™

 Once the digital artwork is printed on canvas, Moody breaks out his acrylic paints and brushes and begins to work on finishing the artwork. “This is the most important step of the entire process,” says Stephen. “As an artist, I feel it is important to do all of the work myself as this is what makes my style my own and, separates me from other artists and photographers. When you hire someone to do the artwork for you, it is their style that shows through in the artwork… and, if they are doing artwork for others, your work looks just like theirs.
Stephen shares, “I am always learning. There are many painter’s styles I love to emulate; Degas, Rodin, Sargent, Boldini, Cassatt and more. Studying their artwork has influenced me as an artist.”
BeachAfter“Family Portrait at the Beach” – © Stephen Moody

BeachBefore“Family Portrait at the Beach” before – © Stephen Moody

“Many people know that I am a photographer as I have been doing this a long time. But the people who see my finished artwork hanging in a home or a business refer to me as an artist!” exclaims Moody.

To see more of Stephen’s work – http://StephenMoody.com – http://portraitartist.pet

Yours in Creative Photography,           Bob