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Karen Nakamura – M.Photog.,M.Artist

Judging gets you exposed to a lot of imagery. You can be critically thinking and talking about thousands of photographs over the course of a year. What is interesting is that there are some artists whose work seems to jump out from the rest showing something different. Judging is blind as far as knowing who the maker may be during the competition. At a later date a maker’s work may be seen with a name attached and I really enjoy talking with the maker and Karen was one of those people.

That’s why I asked her to join us on Successful-Photographer in this post. Here’s Karen!

How Karen learned

“I’ve been creating art pretty much as far back as I can remember. I’ve taken art classes since the 3rd grade. I’m really lucky because my mom would give us art projects throughout the year when I was little.  I’ve taken everything from painting, drawing, sculpting, 2 and 3-dimensional design, photography, photoshop and industrial arts.”

© karen nakamuraThe Perfect Perch – I’ve been wanting to add birds to my floral images. I went to the San Diego zoo and photographed a beautiful White-necked Jacobin hummingbird. I then photographed the tulips to match the light on the bird and then photographed the vase.

www.karennakamuraphotography.comThe vase wasn’t exactly what I wanted so I decided to stretch it. The hummingbird was shot natural light at f13 1/160 800ISO Tulips and vase were shot with natural light with reflector. F11 1/60 160ISO

Words of wisdom on learning and/or thoughts on creating art

“Anyone can create art. Just follow your heart. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t care what others think. Create art that makes you happy because that’s what it’s all about. The more you create, the better you will become. Eventully you will develop your own style.”

www.karennakamuraphotography.comOrchid Bloom – I’ve had this orchid for about five years. The plant sits on my kitchen cabinet and when the window light hits the flowers, the colors are so striking. The orchid spray wasn’t perfect so I added one more flower to the stem. The leaves were taken from another orchid image to complete my piece.

www.karennakamuraphotography.comThe orchid spray was shot in a studio setting with one main light and one reflector. @ f16 1/125 100 ISO The orchid plant was natural window light with a reflector. F11 1/60 400ISO

“To be inspired look at other peoples art, look at art history books and go onto social media sites like pinterst and instagram. Follow artists that inspire you. To learn how to create art, watch videos on Youtube or watch videos on site like Creative Live. Hands on classes and workshops are one of the best ways to learn a techique.”

www.karennakamuraphotography.comDelicate Beauty – The freesia is one of the first flowers I photographed back in 2012. I really didn’t like how it came out, so I set it aside until I went to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles and photographed a Swallowtail hovering over flowers. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my butterfly images until I went back into my library of flowers and came across the freesias again. Visually the light matched so I decided to play around with the three subjects until I created this art piece.

www.karennakamuraphotography.comThe butterflies were shot in diffused sunlight f8 1/1600 800 ISO. The freesia was studio lit with one main light, one reflector and a backlight. f16 1/125 100ISO

 Karen Nakamura Bio

PPA Master Photographer and Master Artist, Karen Nakamura, is widely acclaimed for her signature style images of flowers. She is gifted with a unique take on them that evolves with each new blossom she shoots. Some of her inspiration and creativity comes from an adoration of orchids, which she tended to as a hobby.

Karen also has a fine art background, attaining her Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Cal State Long Beach.

Karen has earned the Professional Photographers of America’s Photographer of the Year awards every year since she first entered the PPA International Photographic Competition back in 2010.

Professional Photographers of America honored Karen with its 2013 Diamond Photographer of the Year and 2014 Artist Diamond Photographer of the Year. Diamond Photographers of the Year had all four competition images accepted into the prestigious PPA Loan Collection. Karen has won the coveted Canon Par Excellence Award, representing the pinnacle of achievement at the Professional Photographers of America regional level. She is one of the first photographers to earn the California Masters Degree from Professional Photographers of California.

You can learn from Karen! Her PPA Super 1 Day Class

Floral Photography and Compositing Course Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016

PPA Super One Day Class

Check out more of Karen’s work – www.karennakamuraphotography.com

Hope you enjoyed Karen’s work!

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob