Photo Art Tuesday – Thom Rouse – M.Photog, MEI, CR, CPP, F-ASP

Tuesday’s on Successful-Photographer, now dedicated to the art of converting images beyond that of a photograph and converting the image in a more Painterly/Artistic direction. We’ll be taking to look at the artist/photographers who are forging their way forward in creating a new art form with photography at its base.

Thom is one of my heroes!

I have been a fan of Thom’s work ever since seeing the first image in a PPA Loan Collection Book. Thom has a fresh and unique style that is unlike any other photo/art work I have seen. Every chance I get to see Thom share his thoughts through a program I’m right down there in the front row.

Interested in seeing or hearing more from Thom? Thom Rouse lectures and teaches regularly at PPA affiliates and schools. He also holds private small group workshops around the country.  Email [email protected] or through his website:

Here are a few of his works of art.

gravities consent thom rouse artGravity’s Consent

thom rouse image lilithLilith

thom rouse image symbol treeSymbol Tree

andromeda image by thom rouseAndromeda

I asked Thom to share some ideas about creating art. Here are some words that are as poignant as his images.

“Art has its own DNA. We don’t create art in a vacuum; we create art based on 40.000 years of human creativity that has preceded us. The same themes and visual concepts bounce around not only decades but centuries and millennia. The more visual experience we gather from viewing art, the better informed and inspired our creations will be. Inspiration provides the fuel for our creative engines. We need to steal the color palette of one artist, the composition of another, the subject and themes from others and transmute them and make them our own. We need to take inspiration from everyone and compare ourselves to no one. We need to both meet the expectations of our viewers and simultaneously subvert them. Art works best when it’s something that you know and something you don’t know.” – Thom Rouse

rouse book coverRouse’s book ‘After the Camera’ is scheduled for release on June seventh on Amazon. I’ve already ordered my copy and can’t wait until I can immerse myself in his words and imagery.

Yours in Creative Photography,       Bob

PS – All images in this post are © Thom Rouse – All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.