future seminar w AZPPA

I’m working on a video for a future seminar being hosted by the Arizona Professional Photographers Association (AZPPA) in the fall and here is an image of one of the character actors expected to join us in a western setting. … Continue reading

step & repeat level three

Here’s a continuation from yesterday’s post. Step and Repeat Level 3 is a continuation of Photoshop Tutorials using repetitive individual photo elements in a geometric pattern to create artistic images. Although this tutorial stands on it’s own for advanced Photoshop … Continue reading

anatomy of a photograph

I have the new Firmware upgrade on the Lumix GH4 and there is a bonus feature called 4K photo mode and I like it. You can set the camera to 4K capture and still have the choice to set your … Continue reading

prepping images for newspaper

If you send out press releases or images for ads that will be appearing in newspapers I highly recommend a few steps to ensure that you get good looking images when the paper goes to print. Eric Miller image converted … Continue reading

tom shondra sound bites grill sedona

Stalwart entertainers Tom and Shondra did a show at Sound Bites Grill here in Sedona, Arizona. These guys (I use that term loosely) do a highly energetic show that the audience really gets into. Steve asked me to photograph them … Continue reading