tuesday painterly photo art – moody

Tuesday Painterly Photo Art – Stephen Moody – M.Photog. I met Stephen through the Arizona Professional Photographers Association. I was fascinated and intrigued by his abstract images I became exposed to during the annual imaging competition. I started seeing more … Continue reading

tuesday painterly photo art – nakamura

Tuesday Painterly Photo Art Karen Nakamura – M.Photog.,M.Artist Judging gets you exposed to a lot of imagery. You can be critically thinking and talking about thousands of photographs over the course of a year. What is interesting is that there … Continue reading

tuesday painterly art – blankenship

Tuesday Painterly Photo Art Angela Blankenship – M.Photog., CPP Angela came to my attention as a recommendation* from a past featured artist, Heather Michelle Chinn. When I went to look at Angela’s work on her website I was immediately taken … Continue reading

tuesday painterly photo art – chinn

Tuesday Painterly Photo Art Heather Michelle Chinn – AKA “Heather the Painter” Corel Painter Master Elite, Corel Certified Painter Educator, Golden Artist Educator, M.Photog, M.Artist, CR. Completely captivated! Came across the first image in this post when I was judging … Continue reading

sunday photo art quote delacroix

Sunday Photo/Art Quote – Eugene Delacroix One of the original, and leader of French Romantic painters, Eugene Delacroix was quite the prolific artist. That may be an understatement. That may be an understatement. I recommend you take a few minutes … Continue reading

tuesday photo art gregory daniel

Tuesday Photo Art Gregory Daniel FDPE, FSA, M.Photog. CR., CPP, F-ASP The Tuesday Photo Art blog post is featuring photographers who are taking photography to a new level using Photoshop and Painter techniques to offer more upscale products to their … Continue reading

tuesday photo art lois stanfield

Tuesday Photo Art with Lois Stanfield, M.Artist., CPP Tuesday’s have become quite a hit on Successful-Photographer thanks to photographer artist’s willing to share some of their thoughts and ideas on creating art based on photography. Today’s photographer/artist is Lois Stanfield, … Continue reading

photography book review – after the camera

 Photography Book Review After the Camera, by Thom Rouse Digital Transformations for Conceptual Nude & Portrait Photography Way more than a How-to, After the Camera, is a peek into the mind of a wonderfully creative artist. You can’t help but … Continue reading

melanie added to wall of fame

Sound Bites Grill adds Melanie to the Wall of Fame Remember Woodstock? Me either. A little before my time. But I do remember I grew up with a lot of music from that era. One of the artists recently appeared … Continue reading

tuesday photo art – beverly walden

Tuesday Photo Art – featuring Beverly Walden, M.Photog.Cr. Tuesday on Successful-Photographer is now dedicated to the art of converting images beyond that of a photograph and moving the image in a more Painterly/Artistic direction. We’ll be taking to look at … Continue reading