time lapse imaging usa trade show opening

PPA’s Imaging USA Trade Show Opening Time Lapse The Imaging USA trade show put on by Professional Photographers of America is always a popular part of attending the annual convention, especially the first day… This was captured hand held with … Continue reading

time lapse video settings

Settings for Time Lapse Video In a previous post I showed you a finished time lapse video captured from the parking lot of Mariposa Restaurant in Sedona overlooking the red rocks after having lunch there last Sunday afternoon. While having … Continue reading

sedona time lapse

Time lapse videos are very popular these days and they are now easier to create than ever… I took new Lumix G7 out for a time-lapse spin. The clouds were streaming over the red rocks with an azure blue sky … Continue reading

pushing for vision

There’s Looking. There’s Seeing. And then there’s Vision. I believe you need to look around before you can see. And, you need to spend time seeing before you can create a vision with your photography. This is a post about … Continue reading

butoh posing time lapse

A couple days ago I shared some images from working with Pash Galbavy when she was doing a model posing for a life drawing class. She was posing in the Butoh style, something I had never heard of before documenting … Continue reading